A Gathering of Mighty Painters! – The Rules


Hello, proud and fierce miniature painter! We’re here assembled to talk about A Gathering of Mighty Painters! A 7 months event where an indecent amount of lead is going to get the long awaited lick of paint it deserves! But what is A Gathering of Mighty Painters! exactly? I’m glad you asked! So make yourself comfortable and grab a pint of this delicious Vintage Draconic Ale made by our skilful Master, Auric Glimmerscale!

The Event

A Gathering of Mighty Painters! assembles miniature painters from around the world to pay a tribute to the best Warhammer Fantasy Battle edition that ever graced this earth: The Almighty Fourth Edition! The objective? Make your pile of shame less shameful; cover this cold and dull lead with the shiniest of colour scheme; transform these pitch black square bases into the Goblin Greenest turf! In short: get yourself a painted army. And have fun doing it!

And how so? By answering the call of the palette, of course! During this 7 months’ event, each participant will be given different objectives to fulfil. To be clear, each month will be placed under the sign of a theme.  A painting mission, so to speak.  Missions to be perfectly executed by the tip of the brush!

How to join?

Rule 1Make an army list, using one of the 4th ed WFB Army Books. It does not necessarily have to follow the percentage limitations. The main point behind this painting challenge is to get you things painted. If you want to opt for an actual playable army list go for it, but you do not have to see it as a necessity.

Rule 2Take a picture of this shameful pile of lead. Preferably on a neutral background. Or on the battlefield. Just make the picture clear enough so people can easily distinguish on the picture what you listed in your army list. Models can be new in box, loose, partially or completely assembled, primed even. However, no partially painted miniature can enter the challenge. You sign in because you want to paint!

Rule 3Write a short introductory text about you and this army. Why you picked it; what is your intent; the fluff you might have imagined for it; a bit about yourself… Anything that will give flesh to your project will be greatly appreciated.

Rule 4Send it over to me by email: sotahevonen[a]yahoo.fr and… You’re in!

“Please, be kind enough to entitle your application letter as follow: *Name of the Painter*/Army/Starting point.  This, in order to prevent me from going crazy. And you don’t know it yet, but by the two forsaken heads of Baudros you don’t want to witness that! “

– Auric Glimmerscale

NOTA BENE – Since it is the 1st shot at it, we’ll cap this Gathering of Mighty Painters! premiere at 15 participants. Seats will be available from now, until December the 1st 2021. After that inscriptions will be closed. The challenge itself starts January the 2nd 2022.

There will also be a dedicated Messenger chat. If interested, drop your FB alias in the e-mail. This is in no way compulsory, just know this chat is meant as a place to chill and relax with other hobbyists while goofing around.

A 7 months quest!

Now let’s be a bit more specific about how you are going to paint yourself a way out of this long and treacherous path! Each month, all participants will be assigned a painting theme. It will be the same for everybody. Below is an explanation on how it will work.

Point 1 – In essence, a theme is a category of miniature(s) that you will have to paint over a given month.

Point 2 – For a given month, the category will be the same for all of the participants. The categories will be : Unit; Character; Monster; War Machine. More details below:

Unit. This category covers anything regimental: infantry, cavalry, skirmishers or flyers…

Character. Encompasses all Characters you have included in you army list. These Characters can be on foot, on a steed, or any kind of monster you’ll deem worthy of your leader.

Monster. Any creature coming from the dedicated section of your army book falls into that category. This monster can be ridden by a character if you wish. Astute readers will notice that a character riding a monster can consequently be a legit choice for both Character and Monster themes.

War Machine. Any device of mass destruction that has been described as such in the relevant section your Army Book.

Here’s how themes will rotate during the challenge:

January: Unit
February: War Machine
March: Unit
April: Monster
May: Unit
June: Character
July: Unit

“Would your army happen to not include one or two of the above categories come to me, we’ll work something out.”

– Auric Glimmerscale

You are strongly encouraged to bring models that are relevant to the 4th ed of WFB. It is not an iron rule, we’ve seen modern minis looking good in an old school coat, but it is not the idea behind A Gathering of Mighty Painters! In short, stick to models up to the year 1999 as date of release. It IS a WFB 4th edition painting challenge after all!

You are also encouraged to paint them “90’s style” for the sake of coherence with the theme of the challenge (involving gallons of Blood Red paint and all-encompassing fields of Goblin Green bases), but feel completely free to do as you please.

Point 3 – The amount of miniatures you have to paint each month is UP TO YOU. The minimum of figures being set by the entry in your Army Book. The unit you paint this month has a minimum of 5 models? Paint at least 5 models. You want to paint 20? 37? Over 9000?!?! Go for it! We are in the character month? Paint 1 character. Easy, right?!
Painters can even paint as many different Units / Characters / Monsters / War machines they fancy each month, from the moment the compulsory monthly pledge is done. So, in a Unit Month, from the moment the participants submit the mandatory unit, they can paint 2 war machines, 3 characters and 7 monsters. These extras, have no required minimum and can be used to complete an objective further down the challenge’s calendar.

“We’re here to get you things painted. In the tumultuous flow of our busy adventurous lives, I want this challenge to be a haven of serenity, as inclusive and flexible as possible.”

– Auric Glimmerscale

Point 4 – By the 28th of each month, send me an email at sotahevonen[a]yahoo.fr with a clear picture of your work. Once again, neutral backgrounds rule king. Writing a few words to go along the pic is a good idea. Just so you know: I will not rectify typos or mistakes made in the monthly texts I’ll receive. So any error will be on you and for the world to witness!

I have to be quite firm on the deadline aspect of the challenge. Just to keep things fair between all of us. Failing to submit your monthly production in a timely manner will get you definitively out of the challenge.

Each month’s production will be published in the pages of this blog as a recap. The recap will then be posted on the 4th ed WFB Facebook group and some others as well.

“Here again, please entitle your monthly report as follow: Name of the painter/Army/Month. Otherwise, your miserable wretched flesh will know the heat of my breath!”

– Auric Glimmerscale

Point 5Each participant enjoys 1 mulligan for the duration of the challenge. Because we all know that life can get in the way or that sometimes, we just need a break.

Well… By the looks of it I’d say I’m done with the chit chat. Time for you to gather your army and what’s needed to paint it! Would you happen to need any more info, you’ll find me behind the bar wiping some glasses or yelling at the kitchen! Off you go now!”

– Auric Glimmerscale

Post Scriptum: I’d like here to thank all the people from the 4th ed WFB FB group who contributed to the creation of this Gathering of Mighty Painters! by their input. Hats off guys!